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Sat 14 Nov 2015

First of all, as I write this there is a terrible attack happening in Paris. My thoughts are with all those affected.

In order to access my home network outside of my home network, I would usually use my VPN server. However this becomes difficult as my college blocks outgoing connections on most ports. Except 3389. So, in order to make this easy for myself I wanted the RDP solution to be as straight forward as VPN would be.

I started off by testing my theories by writing two separate console applications to test that I could run an IP scanner (I wonder what the network logs at my college look like now?) to ping all IP addresses in the range which I hard coded to 255. This worked well and I got successes in the results so I assumed this would work and continued… To my chemistry lesson. At home I begun trying to figure out how to get a list of live addresses which the user can select from. I achieved this by adding all the successful pings to a list which I could output to a listbox.

I used the system.diagnostics.process method to start RDP, PuTTy and Chrome based on what the user selects and basically the rest is just wiring these elements together. If you’re interested the full code is available at http://www.github.com/jcharman/rdpselector along with a download for the final executable file if you think this could be useful to you.