Jake Charman

Resident Geek of Nitrous Junkie Racing


There are a couple of ways to contact me depending on what you need:

If you want to hire me to work on something:

If you like the look of this site or any of the others I’ve worked on I’m available to work on websites/blogs. I can build WordPress themes and install WordPress on a hosting provider or dedicated server. I can also build static HTML webpages. I’m only available to work on these projects part-time and in-between university studies so if you’re a business you might want to look elsewhere.

I am also available to work on small programming and IT projects although please bear in mind that I have no official qualifications in anything I do and am almost 100% self-taught. I won’t work on projects which are critical to a business or involve personal data unless it’s assisting a team of qualified individuals since I’m not 100% sure of the security/legal side of things. Solo projects are strictly fun or proof of concept type stuff only.

I’m also always interested in internships or jobs with IT companies in networking. I’ve carried out work experience previously at Symantec and am currently studying BSc Computer Networks at Sheffield Hallam University. In addition to the contact options here, you can also connect with me on Linkedin.

If you fall into the above categories, you can email me on [email protected]. Please don’t send anything other than job opportunities to this address or it will be marked as spam.


For anything else:

If you just want to say hi or if you have something you think I may find interesting then you can email me on [email protected].

Racing related stuff should go to [email protected].