Jake Charman

Resident Geek of Nitrous Junkie Racing

Projects I’ve Worked On

Below are most of the projects I’ve worked on over the years. All are at differing levels of completion and none of the software here should be considered ready for production. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular project, feel free to contact me.

RMC Business Services – Website

A static HTML page built for RMC Business Services.

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Mum’s Gone Travelling – WordPress Theme

A blog built for my mum to document her travels while I’m away at university.

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Address Validator for Google Sheets

Software built for use in my Sixth Form College to properly format addresses entered into the online application form. Of all the software here this is probably the closest to production ready as it has been successfully used on 300+ addresses.

GitHub Repository

Arduino 32 Key MIDI Keyboard

Converting a 32 key toy keyboard to a MIDI controller using Arduino.

GitHub Repository

Raspberry Pi CRT Display Installation

Building the technical side of George Traynor’s A-Level photography installation.

Read George’s Blog Post

A2 Media Studies – “Good Man”

The main piece of my A-Level media studies coursework.

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A2 Media Studies – Website

Website built as an ancillary task for my A-Level media studies.

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Magna Learning Partnership – Website

Temporary website built on WordPress for the Magna Learning Partnership.

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BTEC Computer Science – Raspberry Pi Home Automation

A home automation system using Raspberry Pi built for my BTEC Computer Science.

GitHub Repository

AS Level Media Studies – “Suspicion”

The main piece of my AS-Level media studies coursework.

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RDP Selector – Switchboard for incoming RDP connections

Software built to use a single machine running Windows as a switchboard for incoming RDP connections allowing RDP, SSH and HTTP connections to all other alive hosts on the network.

GitHub Repository

Nitrous Junkie Racing – Website

Website built for Nitrous Junkie Racing, our multi-championship winning motorcycle drag racing team.

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