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The Use Case For My New Server…

Fri 29 Sep 2017

I recently built a low-cost, low-power server mostly from parts I had around already. It’s now time to go over the use case. I’m now moved into halls at Sheffield Hallam University meaning that I no longer have access to the physical hardware to reset the machine or repair issues. The only access I now have… Read More »

Building A Reliable Backup Server From Everyday Parts

Mon 4 Sep 2017

It’s no secret that most of the server work I do is currently on lab networks that are for my own use where downtime has no real implications. However, with university coming up scarily fast I decided to build a backup server to keep at my mum’s house to keep a copy of my work… Read More »

How I run a fast, HTTPS enabled WordPress site for free (nearly)

Sat 12 Aug 2017

First off, before people disappear because of that ‘nearly’ in the title, I pay £7 a year for a custom .co.uk domain. If you wanted to go truly free however, there are plenty of people around who will give you free use of a subdomain. Just be aware that some have been called out for… Read More »

Implementing Mobile Pages The Modern Way

Mon 7 Aug 2017

Please don’t redirect me to a subdomain because I decided to read your site on my phone. It’s annoying as hell. That said, it was the done thing for many years, a user visits on a mobile device, the server detects the user agent and redirects to m.example.com. I myself have one site which does… Read More »

Bulk Importing Users To Active Directory, The Easy Way…

Mon 5 Sep 2016

So I’ve just had one of the most painful experiences of my life, trying to import 129 new users into AD from a .CSV file. I spent forever trying to use other people’s scripts with no results other than thousands of errors flying up my PowerShell window. Then I decided that this clearly wasn’t working… Read More »

What Remote Code Execution Is And Why You Should Care…

Mon 29 Aug 2016

You may remember a while ago in Windows, a but was discovered that dated all the way back to the days of Windows 9x and even 1.x concerning a hole in the SAM database that allowed remote code execution with elevated privileges. Many people who I spoke to about this replied the same thing, something… Read More »

I don’t like voice control…

Mon 22 Aug 2016

…but I don’t really know why. When Siri was just beginning to become a thing I was very excited about it, the closest I’d ever come to it was the dictation thing in Windows Vista. Even that I only used for about five minutes.  Nowadays I have iOS9 with Siri and Windows 10 with Cortana,… Read More »

The Windows 10 Upgrade On A Dual Boot System… Surprisingly Good…

Mon 25 Jul 2016

So, it’s finally happened. The first of my daily driver machines has been updated to Windows 10. And I’m very surprised to say, it worked perfectly. A bit of background… I primarily use Ubuntu 16.04 for day-to-day computing however, many of the tasks I have to do require Windows, moreover, the programming course at college… Read More »

10 Things Every IT Tech Should Have

Thu 16 Jun 2016

I’ve been working on computers for a long time now whether it be family members, friends, school or otherwise. I find myself always carrying certain tools and spares. It’s always irritating when on a job to realise you don’t have the tools or parts to finish. Here’s a list of stuff, more for my own… Read More »

Chromium OS, The Saviour Of The Iconia W500?

Fri 19 Feb 2016

So, for a while now I’ve had the Acer Iconia W500 x86 based tablet and have tried several OS’s. The tablet ships with Windows 7 Home Premium but the Windows 7 OS isn’t really touch friendly enough to work well. Windows 8.1 seems to work but the Iconia requires old drivers which is no problem… Read More »