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Why I Like Having A Dynamic IP…

Fri 30 Oct 2015

Before I moved house, I had a static IP address. This was quite simply because the ISP didn’t have enough customers to bother with dynamic IP addressing. I used to quite like this as it meant I could open ports, run game servers and the like with no issues. However, now I’ve changed ISPs to a much larger one as my old one doesn’t cover the new area I have a dynamic IP and I quite like it.

It seems that my primary school antics have finally come back to bite me in the arse as I was recently involved in the 000WebHost data breach which I first read about from Troy Hunt of www.troyhunt.com. So I went ahead and used his service www.haveibeenpwned.comand sure enough there where my email addresses “Oh no – Pwned”. Now, I must say at this point that even foetus me from year 6 realised just how dodgy this service looked. I mean seriously, they send you an email with your password in plain text when you sign up. But the plan was to test my site then delete the account but it turns out this is not possible (perhaps explaining the massive user base).

 Anyways, reading down the post, the breach reveals email addresses, passwords and oh crap IP addresses. If I was still on the static IP that would have been a rather loud oh s**t and a rush to close all open network ports and start checking access logs before requesting a new IP. However with the new ISP it is simply “Hmm, I don’t think I’ve logged in from this IP before. I’ll be on the safe side and reboot the router to pick up a new one.”

Now arguably, passwords are far more sensitive than my IP address but depending what I used as a password, when used together they may give full access to my home network! I will be emailing 000WebHost to find out exactly what they were thinking and see if Hostinger passwords are stored in plain text too.