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How I Choose An Operating System…

Mon 20 Jul 2015

So, arguably the most important piece of software on a computer is the OS, with so many to choose from there are likely several choices that will give the exact set of features a use case requires. A prime example is my Acer Iconia W500. At first I was running Windows 8.1 however due to Acer’s apparent lack of driver updates for an OS that they are officially supporting (I’m not bitter about this, honestly) this was becoming gradually worse to use. In this particular case I had no choice but to go back to the standard Windows 7 as some proprietary drivers are needed meaning Linux was not an option and not was any other version of Windows. 

So that one was a simple choice… But what about my desktop? In daily use I run Windows 7 Professional. However I do use VMs running everything from Windows 95 all the way to 10 as well as Mac OSX and various Linux distros. It all depends on which OS best suits the task at hand. If I need to choose one however I tend to use my VMs to narrow my choices down to two then run them in dual boot. After about a month I’ve generally stopped using one which then gets deleted. This also has the good side effect of teaching me to live with low disk space.
In future editions of Windows, the whole process should be easier thanks to Windows To Go introduced in Windows 7 which allows you to install a copy of a computer’s OS onto a USB drive. This allows you to test how well it performs on the hardware without sacrificing disk space. Unfortunately however, W2G is only currently availible in Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7 and Professional editions of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
Apologies for writing so late but I only just finished installing Windows 7 Enterprise and reinstalling all the drivers and software.
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