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On The Way To Holland…

Sat 4 Jul 2015

First things first… EXAMS ARE OVER ? have an emoji that only iOS users can see.

I’m going back to the very start of this blog. Sat on a train listening to metal rambling into an iPhone keyboard. Except this journey is a little different. I’m not going to Banbury. I’m going to Bracknell and I have all the luggage in the world because on Wednesday we are driving to Drachten in Holland for the Drag Is Back event run by ESLA (quartermile.nl if you want to know more) which will be my first time racing a bike outside of England. I’m spending tonight at my Nan’s house where I’ve apparently got to fix her netbook then my Dad will pick me up ready to begin driving to Harwich on Wednesday afternoon for the ferry. Stay tuned to nitrousjunkie.com for the full report from Drachten sometime next week. 
Other than Holland. Not much has been happening. I’m pretty sure the recent heat has damaged my test PC’s PSU as I can now hear a high pitched whine when it is powered which apparently indicates a bad capacitor somewhere meaning I’m going to have to break out the soldering iron when I get back. I have also been working on my blog (as you can see. Unless you’re using Windows Narrator or Apple VoiceOver) and my website. 
Until I get back I’m not going to have a whole lot of internet so everything will likely go quiet. You can still email me on [email protected]