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Exams Of Hell…

Mon 8 Jun 2015

Not much more needs to be said really.

I am now nearly all the way through my GCSE exams and I only have 5 papers left to sit. All in the various sciences.

I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about right now but I want to keep blogging as much as possible during exams. YouTube has pretty much ceased to be a thing now due to exams so hopefully I can produce some content over the 10 week break that I can release periodically throughout the year. These videos will all be found at my channel here.

Thankfully exams don’t seem to be going horrendously but they are certainly not easy especially not Hannah and her sodding sweets (have a look for #EdexcelMaths if you haven’t heard about that one).

After exams we will be moving house meaning I will have the opportunity to build a brand new fully gigabit (almost) network which for me is great as networking is ultimately where I want to be. It also however means that I have to box up thousands of pounds worth of equipment and move it safely. I’m already being called sad for creating a simple database to keep track of everything. After that I am going to be spending some time working with my Dad and racing my motorbike in Holland (news about my racing can be found here). Then I go to college for another year then some more exams.

This may well be my last post before the end of exams so good luck to anyone else who still has exams to sit (especially if I know you in person, in which case this is weird, please leave, but good luck nonetheless).

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