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Windows Network Selection Is Screwed Up…

Mon 30 Mar 2015

This is an issue I have been noticing for a while but it has only caused me any real issues today. 

I first noticed this at my school. First off you need a bit of background. In some of the computer rooms, instead of conventional desktop PCs, there are HP Elitebooks in docks connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. This is designed so that it is easy for students to go and work in any area. One good thing about these docks is that they have an Ethernet connection. In my school, a wired connection will get you 10gbit/sec internal speed and 100mbit/sec internet download speed. Sometimes more on the internet speed. A wireless connection however brings you down to about 30mbits/sec download. 
The issue I am talking about is Windows 7 always defaulting to wireless regardless of speed. Now, at school the difference is almost unnoticeable as we rarely move large files or do anything internet speed intensive.
Today however, whilst trying to move 5gb+ of files to my laptop (which only has a 54mbit wireless card) the indicated time reached “about 1 day” so I decided to steal the wired connection from my web print server. I connected the cable and went downstairs, completely forgetting to check the connection status in Windows. The port was flashing and that was enough for my brain. As you can imagine, when I came back the copy was still in progress and smoke began coming from my ears. 
In my mind, networks should be selected based on speed, because of this, development begins on Speed Based Network Selector tomorrow. As far as I can think of, it should be done and dusted in under 10 lines of code. 
Keep your eye on http://www.jakecharman.co.uk/software for that in the near future.