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How I Fixed My Panasonic NV-60…

Sun 1 Mar 2015

On these old Panasonic MiniDV cameras, it is common for the camera to erroneously detect moisture inside the camera. After scouring Google for the answer, I came across this method.

On the Panasonic cameras there is a blac panel on the bottom of the case that comes away separately much like a laptop RAM door. Behind this panel is the many ribbon cables and connectors for the components inside the camera’s inbuilt VCR. One of which is the moisture or dew sensor. Now, it seems to be impossible to find a wiring diagram so nobody seems to know which connector leads to which component. Because of this, it is necessary to push down on every connector (not too violently, mind) and be sure it is seated well. With the bottom still off (keep body parts away from exposed electronics, there can be high voltages inside cameras) power on the camera and check that the dew warning is gone.
This worked for me. Obviously there are hazards to taking apart sensitive equipment like cameras but this one is so old I had nothing to lose but the picture quality is still decent enough for YouTube at 480p. 
I will not be held responsible if you
A) break your camera
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