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Microsoft Office Should Be Free and I Screwed Up…

Wed 18 Feb 2015

Okay, so i know that microsoft aren’t going to start giving away a copy of MS Office Professional Plus and Visio away with every copy of Windows… Let’s be realistic here.

However I still maintain that Microsoft could learn a lesson from their policy on Windows RT devices. This was always… If you bought a device with Windows RT (Microsoft’s ARM OS designed to look like Windows 8.1) then you got a free copy of Office RT which from what I can tell had about the same functionality as Office Home and Student. So what’s the point in making people pay for Home and Student in the first place? I mean, most people are at least going to want to buy Outlook on top of that and giving the base away free might give Microsoft a chance against pirate copies. I’ll be honest, this PC has both Office 2010 and Office 2013. 2013 is a genuine Dell OEM copy of H&S that came free with the PC and 2010 is Standard edition activated with Microsoft Toolkit, purely because I am not willing to pay £110 for a poxy email client. Unfortunately though, our school MS Exchange server only supports Exchange Activesync… A feature exclusive to MS Outlook.

So, overall, I really can’t see what the downside would be for Microsoft would be as anyone who needs Office needs more than H&S and anyone who needs less either gets it free from the OEM, finds a pirate copy or uses OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

Now…. There is a slightly more embarrassing side to this post.

And that is I screwed up the accounting side of my website. I somehow deleted the account that was set to admin of my Zoho site and now there is no account allowed to access the site editor.

Unfortunately Zoho (who are, don’t get me wrong here, a great company) support seem to have gone silent on me. So for now at least I will be going back to the old days of jakecharman.tk and using 000webhost. I just read that back and it could be confusing. The URL of the site is still jakecharman.co.uk and the blog is still blog.jakecharman.co.uk but I’m now using 000webhost to host the main site. So hopefully I will have the new site running by tonight but for now, jakecharman.co.uk redirects here.

As well as my new homepage, keep your eyes on nitrousjunkie.com as I roll out our new improved site there on Friday.