Jake Charman

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Tue 2 Dec 2014

Server 2003 is being a real pain.

In case you haven’t yet noticed, I am a bit of a networking geek.

There are two servers in my home network, both of which as of yesterday are running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. For a few months now, one of the servers has been running Windows Server with no issues, however, for some reason, when this is connected to the network, no other machines can access the internet. And I don’t know why.

At first I thought that the server was acting as a DNS server and was interfering with the network but a fresh install of Windows has not fixed the issue. Now that leaves me to wonder if it is just being a bandwidth hog but if it is then I have no idea why either. I am waiting on answers from Yahoo and/or Microsoft TechNet but until then I am left wondering.