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Buying a Domain Name…

Tue 11 Nov 2014

Hello, I’m back 🙂

During the gap since my last post I have been thinking about a lot of the things I do. Primarily Internetty stuff. If you don’t know me in person then you probably won’t know I host a Minecraft/Voltz server using Bukkit to which more and more of my friends would like to connect. 
I of course don’t mind this as it gives me more people to play with but I have a problem. Not one of RAM or network bandwidth but one of security. Being big into networking I have very good security on my home network but as always the first line of defense is privacy. Back when it was me and two maybe three others playing I had no problem with them connecting via my external IP address as long as they agree to keep it absolutely tip top secret. I say this because Minecraft is not the only port open on my network. In fact there are 11 all leading to various places (mostly my file server). While all of these are well protected with constant monitoring I still have a problem with my IP becoming common knowledge. 
So here comes the main part of this post. All going well, this blog will be hosted at blog.jakecharman.co.uk. The original URL will likely still lead here but I can’t promise that. There will be a page hosted at www.jakecharman.co.uk but at present it only looks like this:

In fact the only reason I am bothering with it is so the hosting company will allow me an email address. It’s a free hosting company because I’m a cheapskate.
Now, the important bit. If after 30th December 2014 this page is no longer accessible by the normal URL then please try blog.jakecharman.co.uk.