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Tue 7 Oct 2014

Yup, you read that right.

If you live in the UK (England at least) like I do, you have doubtless heard of 4od. For those that haven’t, I’ll catch you up. Channel 4 offer catch up online through their website hence 4 on demand or 4od.

Now, long story short, I would love to meet the guy who wrote it ore indeed the guy who maintains it. Because while it may occasionally be a pain to use, technically at least it is almost perfect. First of all, I tried to visit it earlier to watch The Inbetweeners and got blocked because I was running an ad blocker. While I’d imagine that a fairly simple piece of code, I’d simply never have thought of it until I got complaints from the finance department that we where using millions in ad-revenue. And even then it’d take me a minute.

Second of all, they have been very clever with the way they embed the content. If you try to download any video (not that i’d ever try such a thing…ahem) there is no obvious way or link to the original file. The only simple way to get anything is screen capture software, which as you probably know produces low quality and laggy video.

On a different note, I have the Windows 10 tech demo installed and will be playing around with it on YouTube soon. In the meantime here is it installing.