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Building My Computer Lab …

Mon 29 Sep 2014

Okay, first of all I am using my new Google account for this post, so if anything weird happens blame Google, not me.

Now, I am aware that virtual lab solutions are the work of satin as far as I.T professionals are concerned. However, I have neither the room nor money to get any more computers in here let alone the monitors, mice e.t.c. As far as physical machines go, I have my ain desktop PC running on Windows 7 Professional  and my file server which runs Windows XP Media Center Edition (Basically Pro – You can make it believe it is pro by changing one registry key) and various laptops, one running XP Pro, one running 95 IE Edition (!), and one dual booting Vista and Ubuntu.

To get round the space and money issues, I have spent the last few days building a nice collection of VMs to play with and test theories, the list is below:

I have also made a few videos showing the installations of these operating systems shown below.