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I’m back …

Wed 3 Sep 2014

Ok, I’ve read the following post through and it makes no sense. But the topics I had to talk about don’t link well so have fun trying to make sense of my wandering train of thought.

Hello, long time no see, welcome back.

Sadly the summer holidays are over and I’m back for my final year of secondary school. However it does mean that I have time to blog again. I should add that as I write this the world is going through a crisis. Yes, believe it or not FACEBOOK IS DOWN… THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Ahh sarcasm how I’ve missed you these six weeks.

Jokes aside, in the UK we have a set of exams called GCSEs which are what allow you to go on the take the A-levels and in turn university courses you need for the job you want. What this means is that blogs and Youtube videos may become few and far between as these must become a priority for me. At the moment however normal service has been resumed. I was planning to blog during the summer but I have been mostly without a decent internet connection on holiday. A new video is currently rendering and I plan to make a room or at the very least a desk tour when the place is tidy and while i still have time. I will also be redesigning the blog at some point so watch this space for details.