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You-tubers are being hacked in their thousands …

Thu 31 Jul 2014

Something bad is happening on the internet as we speak.

Earlier today a youtuber called cwestlife who I am subscribed to uploaded a video to say he had been hacked. He said that someone had been uploading videos without his consent. I didn’t actually get to see said videos as he had deleted them as soon as he noticed them. However, more channels are currently being affected. The hackers seem to be attacking smaller channels via their mobile upload email addresses. They first upload the music video of the song “Sandstorm” by Darude entitled “Channel Closed, Please Unsubscribe” the description of which reads “I am going to kill myself”
Next they upload another video which is just some kid moaning about 4chan and tumblr shortly followed by a video from Anonymous entitled “It all ends here, I am ending my life”
As I may have said earlier (I’m tired, forgive me) i first heard about the hack from vwestlife and have since found a couple of other channels affected. Unfortunately I don’t have time to make my own video so if you find this happening to you, here is vwestlife’s video on how he fixed the issue.

If he posts updates I will be sure to keep you informed.
The thing I find funny is that the kid who posts these videos leaves his email in the description. I have two email addresses that are publicly published and I tell you from experience he’s going to regret doing that!