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What’s The Point Of 4K…

Sat 14 Jun 2014

Ok, I completely understand why someone would want a 4K camera. I am talking about TV.

Here in the UK, as far as I’m aware our TV is broadcast in 480P. Some channels have a HD version but this requires a set top box capable of receiving them. Even on the HD channels, the programs are only in 1080P. And this is where I become confused. Assuming that other countries are the same, why would you want to pay 1000’s of pounds for a semi-useless object? In my view, you are going to lose some quality in up scaling the broadcast to the ridiculous sizes these devices are sold in, it’s like taking a 22″ monitor and displaying Windows at 800px X 600px. 
The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is YouTube. These TV’s are smart and YouTube has recently introduced 4K as a resolution. 
On a lighter note, my file storage server is finished thanks to an Ethernet cable robbed from the printer. So I will likely go through the setup in either the live stream or a blog post.