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Sun 11 May 2014

Sorry for the bad language there… Yep, my fellow geeks are undoubtedly sending me emails complaining about my use of such an offensive word.

But I bring this failure to your attention for one reason (and if you sent a message about using the word then best click new message) it’s not that bad. Yes, clean up the coffee you just spat out and listen. My main PC runs Windows 7 Pro, has 8gigs of RAM and an Intel i5 running at 3.5 ghz. My laptop on the other hand comes no where near this, it has an AMD processor running 1.7 ghz (I think) and 2gigs of RAM. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ask anywhere near what it ask of my desktop from it, but for when I am away from my desktop it is enough. It runs DOSBox and Chrome without an issue, it will also run Citrix Reciever for school work an even Minecraft (all be it on low everything and a rather low FPS rate). 
But before you dust off that computer you bought in 2007 being promised “the next big thing” or whatever Microsoft called it, you must be aware of a few things. Firstly, out of the box it is a terrible as everyone says it is, you have to change some things. Secondly, while a lot of OEMs took their XP machines, installed Vista on them and sold them under a new model number, Vista actually needs a minimum of 1gig of RAM, twice that of XP, so do check the RAM, this is the reason I upgraded mine to two. 
On a side note, I read an article today that suggested that Windows 8 is a better upgrade for XP computers than Vista ever was ( I’m guessing in needs less RAM?).
In the next couple of days I will compile a guide to making Vista useable, so stay tuned for that.