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Mac will be the death of me…

Fri 2 May 2014

OK, that may have been a slight exaggeration…

I am nearly 15, all my life I have been using Windows. From my first experience with Windows 98 all the way upto 7 now I have never strayed from Windows. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Apple hating Microsoft fanboy, I am typing this now on an Apple iPhone (which now I think about it is getting rather hot).

However at school I sometimes find that I have to use a Mac for some reason. When this happens I usually groan a bit and prepare for hell. I have no idea why but I cannot use Mac, in fact I often prefer to use our school’s rather laggy Citrix XenDesktop system in Safari instead of Mac OSX. I’m pretty sure that the only lesson I don’t do this in is music because we have to use Garage Band. 
I just don’t understand Mac… Well, I know how it works and what it can do almost as well as Windows, it’s the small stuff that catches me. Like the power button being on the left, 99% of the time I reach to the right (because I’m right handed I guess). Also, in the UI, buttons for minimise, exit and the one I can’t remember are on the wrong side. Plus the scroll wheel scrolls opposite to Windows. I can see why, in Windows you are moving the page viewer and in Mac you are moving the page but it just doesn’t click in my head. 
As much as I’m sure you enjoy listening to me ramble I’m afraid I must shut up now as I have to get off the train.