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I Hate Excessive Bass…

Wed 30 Apr 2014

Being a bass player myself you may expect my views on this matter to be quite the opposite, but no. Any time I am somewhere where there is a stage or just big PA system there seems to be stupid amounts of bass. I was at one event recently where playing the frankly awful “#SELFIE” and the bass blurting out was enough that it gave you that indescribable feeling where despite being in an auditorium it feels or at least sounds like you are in a tiny room. It is also worth noting that I am talking about these kind of PA speakers
Not these

As I’m sure you’re aware that the latter produces the most tinny bass free sound known to man.

I listen to rock and metal usually so the kind of bass you hear coming from a car at 2 a/m just sounds awful.

Sorry this post was short but I have a longer one coming soon…promise.