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Internet Explorer Is Terrible…

Mon 28 Apr 2014

I am sure you are aware of the recent zero-day attacks on Microsofts Internet Explorer browser. I found out almost immediately and it got me thinking, why would anyone use IE? It really is terrible. For example, on one of the websites I run, when I edit the site using Chrome (my primary browser) it works perfectly on all browsers except… You guessed it, Internet Explorer. When opened in IE, some of the background HTML (part of the styling in the <div> elements I believe)  comes out as plain text and the only way I can fix this is to remove the part that is showing and hope it doesn’t screw up my styling. Another example, here in England, IE is, for some unknown reason, standard in schools. I was writing an IT project in HTML with some CSS elements and testing in chrome. When I took it to show my teacher, none of my CSS drop down menus (which were crucial to the function of the project) displayed properly and I had to resort to using a list tag. 

What’s more, according to a study in 2011, IE is less secure than chrome ( not by much I’ll admit) which has been proved more by these recent attacks on versions 9 through 11. While Microsoft has said that as long as the default security settings are used then you should be fine but I would still highly advise against using it. But then again, I would anyway.