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Mobile Optimisation…

Sun 27 Apr 2014

Yes, that title was rather vague, sorry. 

I run a couple of websites (no I do not class blogs like this as websites) and I thing that this is the most important thing for a website nowadays. More and more I find myself looking at the web on my phone and I’m sure you’ll agree that there is nothing more irritating than trying to look at a website designed for a 1920X1080px 16:9 monitor through a 960X640px 3:2 iPhone. What’s more, making your site detect mobiles and redirect them to a mobile site is incredibly easy and there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials on the subject. If you’re working within a web based site editor then there’s a good chance the option for a mobile site can be turned on an the site will auto generate a mobilised site which you can tweak to your liking. Web design is something I enjoy doing but I have to do it well. I have been known to delete an entire site and start again because of something as small as an image not fitting correctly. So you should be able to imagine how much looking at a website on a screen that is both too small and the wrong shape bugs the crap out of me.
On a different note I have just noticed that this blog is basically just me ranting about nerdy things.
Also, in a continuation of yesterday’s post I an currently listening to: