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Windows XP…

Thu 24 Apr 2014

Arg, first of all I am sorry I forgot to upload this yesterday like I said I would but here goes anyway.

As you may or may not know Windows XP reached the end of it’s service recently and as a result will no longer receive security and other such updates from Microsoft. But will XP be truly gone in the near future, I don’t think so. You only need to look around the news to find out that there are still many ATM’s running XP and a lot of servers in big companies too. But what about home use? Well at the moment I am out, and because of that I am using my Windows XP laptop. It is connected to WiFi with a mini PCI card I installed and has not frozen once as of yet. The battery life does leave something to be desired and so does the ability to run resource hungry programs. But for what I actually need to do while I’m out of the house, it does the job nicely.

Also, Microsoft are heavily targeting users of Windows XP in their Windows 8 advertisements which must mean to some extent that Microsoft is heavily aware that there are still users of XP around. The truth remains that XP is the most stable operating system to run on lower powered computers such as this one.

So overall I would conclude that despite the security risks that are sure to come later, XP when maintained properly is still a very useable OS for computers that are either not capable of or simply don’t work well when running other OS’s