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Technology is Brilliant…

Fri 18 Apr 2014

I am on a train. That train is charging my iPhone which is allowing me to type this blog post and listen to music wirelessly through Bluetooth headphones. I have fairly decent 3G internet but for an extra £2 ish I could have a high speed WiFi connection all the way. And this has got me thinking. When all the technology decides it’s not going to work it is treated as a disaster! Like yesterday, I wanted to install Minecraft on my laptop but I kept getting the famous “can’t connect to minecraft.net” error (something to do with still running 1.5.2 perhaps?). This annoyed more than such a simple problem probably should. The answer really was simple, copy the .minecraft folder from AppData on my main PC. But the fact that the computer had disobeyed a human. Especially when tasked with something so simple annoyed me greatly. However, I don’t understand why we get so frustrated over small things, especially a Java game made entirely of 8-bit looking blocks! What is wrong with reading a book or something?