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I don’t like voice control…

Mon 22 Aug 2016

…but I don’t really know why.

When Siri was just beginning to become a thing I was very excited about it, the closest I’d ever come to it was the dictation thing in Windows Vista. Even that I only used for about five minutes. 
Nowadays I have iOS9 with Siri and Windows 10 with Cortana, there’s probably something similar for Linux if I could be bothered to find it, and I don’t use any of them. The first issue being, I can’t use them in public, or around people, or anywhere where I’m not alone. I just find it awkward talking to my phone.  But that’s just me. 
The real place where it seems like Siri would shine for me was when I didn’t want to touch my phone, if I’m working on a bike for example covered in oil and dirt. However I find that a good percentage of the time I need to unlock my phone or scroll through a page or tap a result. Meaning that I still have to interact physically and my device still ends up covered in crap. 
I mean there’s usually a few black fingerprints on my bright green phone case but that’s besides the point. 
This it made worse by the fact that with dirty hands the 5s’s Touch ID refuses to recognise my finger! Meaning I end up with black fingerprints all over the screen. 
As a tech geek I love the ability to voice control my devices, but in practice it falls down in too many areas to be useful. Not to mention the security issues with Cortana in Windows 10. Until we can find a way to do voice control like in SciFi where everything just works, it’s still not that useful for me.