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My Server Upgrade is Finally Complete…

Sat 30 May 2015

Yes, anyone who has read my about page will know that my server is fairly low spec.

It is built from my second ever PC that was bought by my dad in 2007 running Windows XP. When I upgraded to my current PC it got demoted to server duty and has been running 24/7 ever since. I originally stuck with my original XP installation which worked just fine for file sharing and VPN.

After about 6 months of XP use, someone gave me use of their licence key to Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition which I used for about a year. It ran fine as it was essentially XP with some added features. However, my knowledge expanded and I began wanting to do more with group policy and Windows PowerShell so, while I really hadn’t surpassed Server 2003 I decided to upgrade. Firstly I downloaded Windows Server 2012 R2 which in hindsight I shouldn’t have even had to try to know it wouldn’t work but I did and it banged everything to 100% and sat there… For an hour. It didn’t even settle down. After that disappointment I am now running Windows Server 2008 R2, Datacenter Edition which works very well, doesn’t use too much CPU but did have rather high RAM utilization.

Well, today was the last piece of the puzzle (until a faster Athlon X2 comes up cheap anyway) with the addition of 4gb of DDR2 800mHz memory bringing the total up to 5GB in quad channel. I used the cheap Chinese Qumox stuff I wrote about last time so running it 24/7 should test it’s reliability. I did think about purchasing some server grade memory but it’s not really essential that the server is running so I couldn’t justify the extra cost. I now have PLEX Media Server Working correctly whereas before channels just refused to load thinking the server was offline due to the slow response time.

Hopefully this should further the amount of networking based content I can make for YouTube after exams finish and we move house so look forward to that.