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So, Windows Will Be Free…

Thu 19 Mar 2015

Yep… If you haven’t already found out, Windows 10 is going to be a free upgrade for everyone with Windows 7 or newer regardless of weather or not they are using a legitimate or even valid licence. 

This is great news for everyone but I really don’t know how Microsoft can do it. I can only guess that they are thinking that higher market share will mean greater sales of applications for Windows. 
I do wonder how this will affect the cost of PCs, in theory the price should go down but it remains to be seen weather or not OEMs will be allowed the new OS for free or if they will still be charged. The same goes for volume customers, could companies roll out Windows 10 on several thousand clients all for free? 
There are definitely some details that need clearing up but I for one am very exited. We are definitely coming closer to that holy grail of the IT wold, an OS to unify all platforms, especially as there is already vast support for tablets and a different version (also free) for devices with screens smaller than 9″ (roughly 3.6cm) all we need is for it to run Macintosh applications (which it really already can but the compatibility layers are often slow, buggy and unreliable) and we have hit the mother load and found the OS to end all OSs.
I would also be interested to see how Linux market share is affected by this, obviously Linux is nowadays mostly used for server purposes, but will all the people simply looking for a decent free OS move back to Windows? All this remains to be seen.