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Virus Attacks Are A Part Of Life…

Sat 3 Jan 2015

I recently got hit by get another piece of malware. Then I realised… It no longer worries me or indeed bother me at all to have gotten a virus. It is simply a minor inconvenience.

I remember (vaguely) when getting a virus was rare as hens teeth, if you got a virus then you where almost definitely doing something you shouldn’t have been. This was when viruses only existed in the darkest depths of the interwebz. I also remember, picking up a virus from an online games site and being charged a ludicrous sum of money to have it removed. Yet nowadays, I find myself removing malware from mine or one of my family’s computers at least once every one or two months. It’s as normal to me as deleting an unwanted folder. Having malware is no longer a scary experience. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. 
Now for people like me (and possibly you) who are tech savvy and are constantly experimenting with computers. Virus removal and viruses in general will be much less scary than for the average Joe. But the way I see it, as viruses become more and more common and removal gets easier. The more knowledge will be gained by our less tech savvy friends. And this means that malware will begin to stop making money. I installed cryptolocker in one of my VMs and it’s so easy to bypass it’s ridiculous. So if malware ceases to be profitable then nobody will bother writing it. The same principle applies to spam email, the whole operation works on the fact that there will always be some sucker somewhere that truly believes a Russian woman is willing to marry him in exchange for his credit card number. 
However, I believe that it is possible that at some point in the near future people will be so used to removing malware and that detection algorithms will advance to a level where malware is no longer profitable. And let’s face it, an internet with no malware in it is the beginning of everybody’s dream come true.
Oh and to everybody who thinks that Mac can’t get viruses… Nonsense, it would be perfectly possible for malware to be written for a Mac so long as you could find a way to run sudo commands. The only reason malware doesn’t really exist for Mac is ease if programming and access to core system files and user base.