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I Hate Defeat…

Sat 22 Nov 2014

It’s half past midnight, and I’ve just gone to bed. I’ve just spent the last three hours trying to make WOL (Wake on LAN) work with my new server. My current server runs 24/7 and will continue to do so but the new one is a) too loud to run while I’m sleeping 2 feet away from it, and b) not likely to do anything that requires 24/7 running. At least until we move house when I might be able to put the servers further away from my bed. 

Wake on LAN in case you don’t know is sending what is known as a “magic packet” to a powered off computer with its network card running in a low powered state just enough to allow the packet to be read and boot the computer. The packet itself I believe simply contains the target computer’s MAC address. Unfortunately, somewhere between Windows 7 and the server’s network card the “magic packets” are getting blocked as I can see no record of them in Microsoft NetMon. Which makes me think, I haven’t actually run NetMon or Fiddler on the sending PC to check that the packets are even leaving. Hmm, that’s annoying. 
Anyways, I keep finding myself refusing to give up on problems. Even if I’m tired and fed up of what I’m doing I will not give up. And I don’t know if that will make me very good working on IT or very bad living alone as I’ll likely get zero sleep. Tonight I was forced to give up as I was getting tired and the computers running NetMon where running out of RAM (logs are stored in the RAM until saved) but you can guarantee that as soon as I get up tomorrow I’ll be working on the same damn problem as I really didn’t want to go to bed and stlii wish I didn’t have to purely because I know there is still an outstanding problem and it annoys me. 

Wow my mind is wandering badly, I should imagine that will be fun to try and make sense of… I’m going to try and go to sleep while my mind won’t shut up thinking of solutions.