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IOS vs Android…

Fri 16 May 2014

Yup, here we go, possibly the second biggest argument since Mac vs Windows .

First of all, let me state outright that I own an iPhone. I’m typing on it as we speak. But I don’t hate Android phones. 
The main advantage of IOS is that all the devices are the same. You know what specs you are getting and more importantly you know that the device and software are designed to work together and they will do it well. 
Why does the Blogger app change well to we’ll? That’s annoying…
Sorry, where was I?
Also, the apps in the App Store are always built to run on the hardware. Now with Android, there is a lot more choice with apps but in my (rather limited) experience they are mostly awful. I believe that the reason for this is that it is free to post to Google Play and there is a lot less checking involved whereas Apple insist on $99 and about 24h to check your app before they will put it on sale. Also, the developer pack will only run on Mac OSX. And as I’m sure you know Apple are very protective over their programs, while it is possible to run .dmg programs on Windows, they are all illegal (here in the UK at least anyway). 
A lot of people argue for the customisation of Android but, for people who are serious aboutcustomising their device, a jailbroken iPhone will be as good if not better.
Overall, it’s your choice which system you choose, but personally I prefer the overall design, look and feel of IOS