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Pushbullet ramble … I mean review ..

Mon 21 Apr 2014

Yes, our last subject returns … Sort of. What first alerted me to Pushbullet’s existence was an article on how to receive notifications (such as text messages and email) from your phone on your PC or Mac. In the article it said it only worked on Android which was not much good for me as I use IOS. Despite this I looked on the App Store assuming the article was out of date. And guess what? It was there! Sadly though the notifacation feature is not available for IOS as of yet. I decided rather than uninstalling the app immediately I may as well see what the app could do. It turns out that it’s actually a rather brilliant file sharing platform allowing messages and files to be sent over the internet to both your own and your friends devices. Now you may say at this point “it’s all been done before, what’s the point?” But Pushbullet does what it does better than anything I’ve used before. Notifacations on phones are almost identical (on IOS at least) to an SMS message and on PC appear in a nice looking Windows 8 looking box in the bottom right of the screen. It is also faster, I sent a 6mb file ( not huge I’ll admit) in under 3 seconds! So while I cannot use Pushbullet for the purpose I intended to I am quite impressed with what it can do anyway, the icing on the cake will be if they add notifacation support to IOS